Weekly - CW15

While I spent most of my time with learning more about Ruby on Rails and RSpec this week, I found the following links worth sharing. So here is my collection for calendar week 15, 2011:

  • Red Hat unveiled its top secret Ceylon project, which looks like a yet another Java variant to me.

  • While we have to work with the “old” Java, it worth to know more about how it works. Michael Kopp blogged about the impact of the garbage collector on the performance. It is a good article, which explains the fundamentals of the memory management in Java.

    I found an old article about the eXtreme Programming Simplicity Rules. In nutshell:

  • pass all tests

  • expresses every idea that we need to express but nothing more

  • do not duplicate code or configuration

  • have short methods, classes and modules

    Roy Osherove talked about influence change at companies in an interview recorded at QCon London 2011. I checked his website and found his old post about the topic. The six forces that influences behaviour are something every team leader or change manager should be aware of, otherwise all the efforts put into the change will evaporate. The mentioned forces are:

  • personal motivation

  • personal ability

  • social motivation

  • social ability

  • structural motivation

  • structural ability

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