Project Management StackExchange (PMSE)

I’m helping fellow StackExchange users with project management questions (I’m in the top 1% based on my reputation).

Budapest Lean Kanban Group

I’m occasionally organise meetup events for Lean and Kanban enthusiasts in Budapest.

Limited WIP Society Hungary

The Limited WIP Society Hungary is the member of the global Kanban movement groups called Limited WIP Society.

Commitment, A Novel about Managing Project Risk - Hungarian translator

I helped my with the Hungarian translation of the Commitment book, which is graphic novel about how to manage risk in projects following the idea of Real Options written by Chris Matts and Olav Maassen, and illustrated by Chris Geary.

The kanban_metrics gem

The kanban_metrics is a ruby gem that can provide basic and advance metrics for your Kanban System. The gem is basically for those who maintain a phisical Kanban board, but would like to have data for improving their system. The gem is available under GPLv3 on and and its source on github.

The site_checker gem

The site_checker is a simple ruby gem, which I created for testing local and remote references on websites. It recursively visits all the pages looking for links of pages and images, and checks their availability. For example, when I change something on this blog, a test cases uses the site_checker to make sure that there are no dead links here. The gem is available to everybody on and its source on github.