Weekly - CW19 and CW20

Weeklies will be bi-weeklies from now on, so here are the interesting things from the last two weeks - calendar week 19 and 20, 2011:

Lean and Kanban

  • Let’s start with some games. The coin game and the lego game provide very good example and exercise about lean thinking, which is crucial for mastering Kanban

  • I found two screencasts about cycle times and SLA agreements. They are very good and give a good idea how to use cycle times and what kind of information can be extracted from them. They are available here and here

  • Pawel Prodzinski wrote a very nice article about Kanban systems and how they affect existing organisations



  • I think everybody was in a situation where a problem arise and nobody really know why, and after spending a lot of effort on fixing it the root cause is still unknown. Well, Jeff Atwood got into a similar situation and you can read about his experience here

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