Public Speaking Events in Spring

I’m going to speak at two conferences this spring: on the 10th and 11st of April at ACCU 2013 and on the 15th of April at ACE! 2013. At ACCU, I’m going to talk about how to narrow down what to test and how to measure and manage flow:

I’ve already given these talks at various conferences like Agile Cambridge 2012 (video on infoq), Software Passion Summit 2012, Lean Agile Scotland 2012 (video on vimeo), and Lean Kanban France 2012, but as always I’m preparing an updated version of these talks.

At ACE!, I’m given a new talk about social sicenses and the difference one can make by applying them at the workplace. Until I’m finished with the screenplay and slides of the talk, here is the abstact:

The pure intention of this talk is to introduce interesting phenomena and fascinating experiments from the social sciences to the audience. These experiments have been around for a while, but we rarely apply their findings in our life. The talk won’t just explain a phenomenon like the “Learned Helplessness” or an experiment like the “Hawthorne experiment”, but will show how to use its findings for your benefit.

Being aware of the state of our minds and our environment is very important not only for Agile teams, but for any team. Let’s say that you have made up your mind about what you are going to do and are about to execute your plan. There may be several courses of action for you to take at this point, and in my experience the best way is to examine the situation, look for social science studies that match the problem at hand, pick one, and carefully apply its recommendations. The more studies and experiments you know the better your chances are to pick the right one, and make a positive difference.

I’ve also got accepted to XP2013, but the organisers have offered some unexpected and unusal speaker deal that made me considering to revoke my proposals. But this topic is still under discussion, so there is a chance that I’ll be there.

See you there!