Open Sourcing Emcalc, a Legacy Application

In 2004 my friend asked me to write him an application - called emcalc - that used his results from his thesis work that he can use in his new job. The application was able to tell the gas emission of different boilers that was common in the households in our neighbourhood at that time. I forgot about this application until I found its jar file on an old hard drive. At xp2013 I used a part of this application to show some technique on how to test and start to work on legacy code. When Emily Bache saw it, she asked me if it was possible to make it open source so that people could practice refactoring on a legacy code that was actually used by people. I talked to my friend and he agreed to make it open source, so here is the repository to emcalc under the 3-clause BSD license:

You should know that I lost the source code so the repository contains the reverse engineered code (I used jad). I’ll keep the master branch untouched so that you start working on the code right away and changes will go to the work branch. There is another catch: the application is in Hungarian and Emily mentioned that it was not important to translate it, because this made the task even more exciting. Nevertheless, here is a quick overview of the interface:

And here is the way of opening new config files that fills out the parameters on the UI:

Example configuration files can be found in the data folder.

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