Agile Corner

I’m working in a quite large organization (several teams with different goals and purposes), and realized that it is very hard to distribute ideas among colleagues, and it is even harder to follow their agile development. I participated in the open space sessions at xp2010, and got an idea. Maybe we could do something similar for helping the situation.

We are going to keep agile corner sessions where colleagues can show up and discuss strictly agile related topics. We collect the topics we would like to talk about. After the list of topics is available, we’ll vote which topics to discuss. Like in open space, people can join or leave at any time. If we find something useful for a team, we’ll put it down into the agile backlog so that we can track it, and discuss its progress during the next session.

An agile backlog is similar to a backlog in scrum, but it contains user stories which tell an agile thing to implement in the team. For example, once we had a user story for introducing acceptance test driven development in bug fixing, in other teams, they had a user story to try out new games during retrospective.

It is very important to track these improvements, because, based on my experience, a change survives a couple of days, maybe weeks, but after that the team gets back to is previous way of doing things. If we have a list of change items, we can revisit the list and check on that particular item.

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