Visit at Cluj Napoca

My old friend Victor invited me to Cluj Napoca, Romania to talk about software development in practice. There were three talks in the morning at his company evoline and a fourth talk late afternoon at the local meetup group.

We started the day with an introduction to Kanban, because the audience knew about Agile, but Kanban was something new, and additionally we needed it for the maintenance-related presentation:

After a short break we continued with a longer talk about maintenance and how to use Agile, Lean, Kanban and leadership techniques in order to stabilise a maintenance situation:

The last presentation was about how to use Agile techniques without saying Agile:

My talk at the meetup became a bit longer than I expected, but we had - at least I felt like that - a great discussion how the software development process evolved at Digital Natives - my current company - and, uniquely, we talked about what we were doing right and where we failed:

I promised a list of books worth reading. So here are they in a recommended reading order:

  1. Taiichi Ohno - Toyota Production System

  2. Henrik Kniberg - Lean from the Trenches

  3. Daniel H. Pink - Drive

  4. 37 signals - Rework

  5. David J. Anderson - Kanban

Even though it was a long journey and an even longer day, I enjoyed it very much. The audiences were great, and I got some very usable feedback on the style and content of the presentation (I’d like to specially thank Dragos, Cătălin and Victor for the detailed and more personal feedback), so I can improve my future talks. My next talk will be at my former employer Ericsson, and I’m going to talk about leadership and measurements.

Thank you folks for the possibility, it was my pleasure!

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