A Stand-up Improvement Idea: Read up the Tasks

Your daily stand-up meeting has started to get boring and ineffective? My old post about the different variations of the daily stand-up meeting didn’t help you? I don’t have the perfect solution, but here is an idea which you can try out.

Most probably, you have somebody from your team who reads up the task you are going to talk about next. You have to change this. The idea is to rotate this role on a daily basis. Every other day a different member of the team shall facilitate the meeting. Let’s say it is your turn. If you read up loudly somebody else’s task, you unintentionally will try to understand what’s on it. So the task should be readable, understandable and should make sense. These are the criteria. After you were able to read and understand it, you’ll know more about what is going on in your team. If you have no idea what the task is about, your team has to refactor the task until it meets the criteria.

The one who facilitated the meeting can pick the next person to do it the next time. It must be somebody who hasn’t done it yet, no excuses. After everybody has done it, you should start over again. Hopefully after a couple of rounds the team members will understand more about what is going on and won’t depend on somebody who runs a meeting for them. I think it’s worth a try.

Image source: Henrik Kniberg

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