Visit at Targu Mures

A couple of weeks ago, I was told that a new Agile meetup group was about to be started in Targu Mures - even the local newspaper wrote about it - and the organizers wanted me to give a special talk about the Agile way of working. It was a great opportunity for me to visit Transylvania again and meet the forming community there. Before the main event, I gave another talk about Measurement and Manage Flow for the developers at evoline Romania. We had a great discussion about how to introduce Kanban in different sized organizations, how to start measuring certain values and what to do with the measured data. Here are my slides:

After this talk we went to the location - a local restaurant - where the first event of the Targu Mures Agile meetup group was going to be held. In my talk - Behind the Curtain: The Agile/Lean Way of Working - I talked about the agile mindset, the practices and the management support which are the bases of the Agile/Lean way of working:

My talk was followed by a great discussion where the future of the group was discussed. Fortunately, they decided to have another session, so I’m wishing you good luck and thank you very much for coming and listening to my talk.

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